Cupboard, Herman Doomer, c. 1635 - c. 1645

Cupboard, Herman Doomer, c. 1635 - c. 1645

wood (plant material), h 220.5cm × w 206.0cm × d 83.5cm. More details

In the early 17th century a new speciality – ebony joinery – was introduced in Amsterdam cabinetry. Ebony cabinetmakers produced furniture veneered in precious exotic woods such as ebony, entirely covering the heartwood carcass. Herman Doomer was Amsterdam’s most famous ebony cabinetmaker, and this cupboard is his masterpiece. Rembrandt, who admired Herman Doomer’s work, portrayed him and his wife in 1640.

On display in room 2.8-03 Chests and cupboards Masterpieces Herman Doomer

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