Big Draw 2017

Everyone is welcome to come and draw at the Rijksmuseum on 7 and 8 October. All weekend there will be free activities that draw inspiration from the 'Matthijs Maris' and 'Johan Maelwael' exhibitions.

big The Big Draw is the Rijksmuseum’s annual international drawing festival. This fourth edition will run from 7 to 8 October, and include drawing workshops, tours and a masterclass. The highlight of the festival is a workshop entitled Drawing in Motion, inspired by the dreamlike drawings of Matthijs Maris. To the live musical accompaniment of a cellist, museumgoers will have the opportunity to make drawings of professional dancers expressing emotion through movement. The Rijksmuseum Library will be hosting a hand lettering workshop based on books of hours and manuscripts from the Johan Maelwael exhibition, and there will also be workshops for live model drawing and initial decoration.

Draw inside and outside the Rijksmuseum with Flow and Amsterdam Marketing

draw This year’s festival sees the Rijksmuseum partnering with Flow and Amsterdam municipality. Flow has joined forces with the museum for a masterclass led by Marenthe Otten, illustrator for magazines such as Flow, Happinez, Elle and Margriet. And even people outside the museum will have a chance to make a drawing of their favourite artwork, because especially for this occasion Amsterdam Marketing has placed frames on the ‘I amsterdam’ letters on Museumplein.


The Rijksmuseum launched the #hierteekenen campaign during the 2015 edition of The Big Draw, with the support of ING. This campaign is the Rijksmuseum’s invitation to come and draw in its galleries and learn how to see even more of art’s beauty.

The Big Draw in the Rijksmuseum is made possible in part by ING and Royal Talens.

Museum visitors can join the workshops without booking. Participation is free of charge (excluding museum admission).

For whom

All ages


Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October


All activities are free of charge

You need a valid entrance ticket for the activities inside the exhibition spaces