Discover the Rijksmuseum through the app

The Rijksmuseum app gives you access to tours, wayfinding, tickets and the collection, all in one place. It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play, or you can also take the tours through a headset at the museum itself.

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Multimedia tours

Discover for yourself all the great attractions the Rijksmuseum has to offer with multimedia tours. Hear the stories from the Rijksmuseum. Meet Rembrandt and get to know what makes him so special. Or read about our history and the building. Learn more and see more through interviews with experts and artists. Get to know the museum in whatever way suits you best – it’s easy to decide your route. The navigation system’s directions will lead you from room to room around an interactive floor plan.

You can choose to take the tours in the museum using a headset (€5), or install the app on your tablet or smartphone and download them for free.

Experience the collection at home

Before or after your visit, you can experience your favourite artworks in our collection from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Rijksstudio. Scroll and swipe through the artworks, and zoom in to see even the smallest details. You can even save the images easily in your own personal Rijksstudio collection.


The Rijksmuseum app makes it easy to book your tickets and save them on your smartphone so our staff can scan them when you get to the museum.


The app was created with the support of our chief sponsor, KPN, and was developed in association with KPN, Fabrique, Q42 and Movin. The tours were made possible thanks to the support of the VSBfonds and all the experts and contributors who volunteered their time. Wi-Fi in the Rijksmuseum is provided by Cisco.