Long Live Rembrandt

July 15 2019 to September 15 2019

Following the open call for anyone to submit self-made artworks inspired by Rembrandt for this summer’s Long Live Rembrandt exhibition, between 1 February and 31 March the Rijksmuseum received 8,390 entries – including almost 900 from children. In the coming months the panel of judges will come together to consider each one and decide which of them will appear in the exhibition. The final selection will be made public at the opening of Long Live Rembrandt on 15 July in the Philips Wing of the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition runs throughout the summer to 15 September.


Most of the 8,390 submissions came from the Netherlands, particularly the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Gelderland and Brabant. But we also received artworks from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Canada, Iran, Japan, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The youngest entrant is just 2 years old, while the oldest is over 90. Several of the entrants are named Rembrandt. Most of the submitted artworks are photographs, drawings or paintings, but they also include embroidery, sculpture, glass, woodwork, tiles, and videos.

Judges and selection procedure

In April and May, a panel of judges supported by a selection committee will select the artworks to go forward to the second and final round. The Rijksmuseum will announce the outcome of this first selection round in at the end of May. The makers will then be invited to bring along their artwork to the Rijksmuseum for final selection in mid-June.

The members of the panel of judges

  • Stephanie Afrifa, presenter and curator
  • Annemies Broekgaarden, head of Public & Education at the Rijksmuseum
  • Irma de Bruijne, head of Art Programmes at the Rijksmuseum
  • Lita Cabellut, artist
  • Ludo van Halem, curator of 20th-Century Art at the Rijksmuseum
  • Pieter Roelofs, head of Paintings and Sculpture at the Rijksmuseum
  • Mats Suurenbroek, secondary school student and accomplished drawer


  • 1 February: online submissions open;
  • 31 March: online submissions close;
  • April: online selection rounds;
  • May 17-21: announcement of results from first online selection rounds. Here is the list of names selected for the second jury round;
  • June 17-20: announcement of artworks selected for exhibition;
  • 15 July: grand opening of Long Live Rembrandt.