2+3D Photography – Impressions

During the conference we had daily updates with selected visitor impressions and photos. All photos of the conference are online now, as well as all visitor impressions.


Visitor impressions – Day 3

For all photos made during the conference: please have a look at the photo album

Peter Moerkerk, Zentralbibliothek, Zurich.
I attended Teaching you to fish by Don Williams, and before that Hans van Dormolen’s workshop. Even though the workshops are limited in time, they do give a good overview of the field we work in.

Kurt Heumiller, Yale Center for British Art.
I attended the workshop of Stuart Snydman (A deeper dive into IIIF). It was very informative. It’s good to see the people who are there and also see the future that’s coming up.

Theo de Nooij, National Library.
I’m here for two workshops, Robert Erdmann’s and Hans van Dormolen’s. It’s nice to see how things tie into each other, for example, how that target can be reused.

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Visitor impressions – Day 2

Christopher Strasbaugh, archivist and curator at Ohio State University:
I’m really impressed with the broadness of the content. It’s interesing for people who have been in the profession for years and at the same time it’s good for newbies.

Irene Hoekstra, photographer at the Rotterdam City Archives:
The stories I hear at this conference that are taken from actual practice really speak to me. It’s very captivating.

Thomas Scheidt, photographer at Philipps Universität Marburg and Bildarchiv Foto Marburg:
What we’re doing during these three days together is to see what’s very valuable in the scene, looking forward toward what is expected and what is possible.

John Tromp, photographer and owner of Studio Tromp in Rotterdam:
It’s terrific to be with colleagues to exchange ideas, to share experiences, and to get new ideas about photographing cultural heritage.

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Visitor impressions – Day 1

Ottar Andre Anderson, Ikamr, Norway:
This is my first year at the conference and I’m really impressed by the program. It’s hands-on and high quality, and that’s what we like in Norway.

Keats Webb, University of Brighton:
I’m an AHFAP member and I know that they put up great conferences. That’s the reason I’m visiting. And I’m very excited to see and hear Don Williams.

Liz McDermott, Head of web and new media, Getty Research Institute:
This is my first time at this conference and my first time in Amsterdam. It’s great and I’m already having a lot of fun!

David Neikirk, University of Southern Maine:
Eddy van Wessel was very intense. I came to the first conference, and I’m very glad with the program this year, it’s very helpful, especially in my field of work.



Welcome speech by Erik van Ginkel, Rijksmuseum director of Finance and Operations


Cécile van der Harten: Introduction


Eddy van Wessel: Leaving Home, Vanishing Culture: The World Under Fire


Carola van Wijk: Painted Room: Challenges in Every Corner



Don Williams-1-custom

Don Williams: The 3D Image Capture Moonshot: Managing the Energetics

Meghan Wilson-1-custom

Meghan Wilson: Multispectral Imaging Workflow Integration


hans van dormolen-1-custom

Hans van Dormolen: A New Target With a New Approach For the Photography of 3D Objects


cristiana barandoni-5-custom

Christiana Barandoni: IU and Uffizi Gallery: A Virtuous Collaboration

wim hupperetz-1-custom

Wim Hupperetz: Integrating Digital Museum Content into Curational Practice




marco block-3-custom

Marco Block-Berlitz: Videogrammetry in a Nutshell

hendrik hameeuw-3-custom

Hendrik Hameeuw: A Critical Reflection on the Use of 3D Technologies for the Documentation of Endangered Heritage


marike van roon-2-custom

Marike van Roon: Unique Objects and Mass Digitization – The University of Amsterdam and Google Books


martina hoffman-2-custom

Martina Hoffmann: Quality Assurance Workflows in Mass Digitization



workshop dag 3 2d3d


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman


Day 3: workshops in Lelystad. Photo René den Engelsman