2+3D Photography – Introduction by Cécile van der Harten

On 10, 11 and 12 May 2017 the Rijksmuseum organized, in cooperation with AHFAP, an international conference on 2D and 3D digital photography.

Third day

cecile Cécile van der HartenFriday – the third day of 2and3D Photography 2017 – and the workshops are well on their way. We’ve had two very inspiring and also exhausting days full of information on photography practice and innovative techniques. It’s great to have met so many colleagues from all over the world. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we all have to work together. Team has been a word often used, and team also means that we, as cultural heritages institutions, have to work together and share knowledge.

I’m aware that there are differences among institutions in their ability to achieve the high level of quality and the demands presented at the conference. This event offers the best solutions possible, and although you may not be in a position to apply them now, it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to use them. This gap in ability makes it even more important that the institutions that are able to follow the highest quality possible take on the responsibility of sharing experience and knowledge with other institutions.

Multispectral lighting and new photographic techniques

We also heard a lot of presentations on multispectral lighting and new photographic techniques, including 3D techniques. The challenge in the near future is to come up with an agreement on a standardized workflow for these new techniques.


If you have any issues, questions or just news that you want to share, please use the 2and3D photography group on LinkedIn. The newsfeed will stay online and we will update it with news and announcements periodically. You can also use our email address: 2and3DPhotography@rijksmuseum.nl.

I hope to see you all in 2019. Thank you for visiting the conference and making this a vibrant and dynamic event.

First day

Wednesday we had our first day of the 2and3D Photography-Practice, Prophecies and Beyond conference 2017 at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. More than 250 participants from 29 countries and 6 continents attended. And what a day it was. Judging from the reactions during the breaks and on Twitter this first day was a great success. I promised you a celebration of our profession, and a celebration it is. It is so good to be surrounded by so many inspiring colleagues.

During the conference this online newsfeed will be updated daily. It will stay online also after this conference is closed.

Enjoy the upcoming days at the 2and3D Photography conference 2017.