2+3D Photography – Practice and Prophecies - 2019

The Rijksmuseum is planning a third edition of the 2+3D Photography conference in May 2019. We will update the website as soon as we have more information.

On 10, 11 and 12 May 2017 the Rijksmuseum organized, in cooperation with AHFAP, the second international conference on 2D and 3D digital photography, best practices, standardized workflows and a variety of applications for cultural heritage photography professionals: photographers and studio managers.

The aim of the conference was to provide a framework for international compatibility on the best practice methods for digitizing our heritage. As with the 2015 2+3D conference, the 2017 conference has given us an unique opportunity to exchange ideas on how we could meet the challenges that lie ahead in our industry. Discussions on how we can incorporate new techniques into international standards of practice have taken place. There was a wide variety of presentations given on the two conference days, and on 12 May workshops were organized with a lot of studio practice that covered topics that were discussed.

If you missed the 2015 and the 2017 2+3D conference, then you will not want to miss the third edition in 2019 which will be held once again at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Here you will be able to meet up with old friends and fellow cultural heritage image professionals who work in a variety of art institutions from around the world.
All information about the 2015 and 2017 conferences.

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Conference Secretary: 2and3dphotography@rijksmuseum.nl
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